Saturday, August 27, 2011

Peewee Football...

...She's all over it!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The New School Year 2011

It can't be school time again already!! But it is, summer went by way to fast. This year Shermie starts middle school.(I also can't believe I'm saying that!) He is very excited about it.
Well maybe not about the earlier school time though.
Nic will be gone the whole day now!  :(  Poor Boo won't know what to do!

Matthew is always ready for another year.
Tuffer is the big man on campus now, out of the boys, with just two years left in elementary school.
Oh no, hold up there turbo! You are not going just yet!
Kiss and hug to brother then they are off to school.
Now we can clean the floor and it will STAY clean...
At least for a little while anyway.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Football VS. Football

The Tickets are finally in.  The kids again this year will each get a chance to go.
This weekend it was Annalyn, Matthew and Tuffer's turn. After finding out she got to go with Daddy and she got a new cheerleader outfit Annalyn was very impatient to get the ball rolling.

Good thing she had here brother to entertain her while she waited.

This weekend was also Shermie's very first football game ever. He is number 94.

So while we were watching this:

They were doing this:

Getty up horsey!
This was their seats:
Annalyn was the hit of the day at the Broncos football game. She stole the show from The Stampede in the parking lot. As they played  she danced and the camera phones were all on her. If they stopped she would give them a look to say "well keep playing" and they laughed and played some more.They even let her do one of the drums. Then gave her a autographed drumstick which she calls her Bronco Stick (this has now been hidden due to the obvious drawbacks of giving a two year old a drumstick).

This was my seat. Shermie did AWESOME! I am so proud of him. What a fun game to watch. I am pretty sure I had the best of that deal.

Go Team!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Miscellaneous Summer Pics

We have had a great summer and a lot of fun. here are some of the pictures.
I love this one of Shermie walking home with Annalyn.
Annalyn after a long full day of swimming fell asleep on my shoulder in the pool. She was so sleep she didn't wake up even when she was being changed out of here swimming suit and transferring in and out of the car. I'm she she woke up going, "Wasn't I just in the pool?".
Shermie dancing with Mackenzie at the farmers market. He such a good kid! Mackenzie sure liked dancing with him better than me.
Pool party with the cousins. Grandpa got caught napping.

Shermie used some of his lawn mowing money to buy this and had it set up in about an hour. It was a pretty cool coaster.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Swim Season At An End

After two swim meets Tuffer's swim season has come to a close. He worked hard and did great. He took 8th place in his 100 back and received the most improved award form his team. Here are pictures form both the Delta and Montrose meets.

Way to go Tuffer!!