Thursday, July 24, 2008

Of Snakes and Boys

I heard shouting, fighting and running coming up the stairs.....okay that could be any given day at any given anyway, the Boys were so thrilled to find this little guy out in our backyard.** (Their Great-Mas would be freaking out, she hates snakes! So you better not read this to her, Gramie)

We have another snake living around our yard that we see all the time. They call it "Our Friend Snake". Every time it's spotted, they feel the need to pick it up (even when told not to, they are such boys) or have me do it (good thing I don't mind, I know some friends who would mind-- well you know who you are).

Usually I talk them into "just looking" a little while then I say, "Okay, it has to go back to it's family now. That way it will want to stay around the yard." Which maybe that should be rethought if snakes are going to start populating the yard. Oh well, less bugs. It sure was a cool little snake. Don't worry though, it survived the man-handling and was released outside.
**No snakes where harmed in the making of this blog post

Monday, July 21, 2008

Singing in the Shower...Just Sing in the Shower

Matthew was in the shower just singing up a storm. So I thought I'd better get it on video for future harassment, like to show girls when he's older.

You can see he thinks someone might be watching but he isn't quiet sure at first. Then he see me but I don't think he knew I was recording it. He just makes me laugh. It sure didn't phase him if he did.

He had started out sing, "I do what I want to! Whatever I want to!". Yea, good luck with that one bubby. He can dream anyway.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Little Did You Know

I bet you didn't know there was such talent to be had at the Alexander house hold. The clips below are just a sampling to make you laugh. After the boys saw the one Monte Lee sent us they said they needed one of their own. Just Smile and Enjoy!

Cool Boys

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Funny Family Dancing

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Monday, July 14, 2008

A ticket in the hand, is worth the hand.

Today I got caught up in the Cub Scout book I was trying to understand. Before I new it I was late to pick up the older boys from summer school. Rushing I got shoeless Matthew and naked (except for underwear) Nicholas into the car and away we went. I have always been there a little early to pick them up but it was already 2:28. I just hope to get there before they were the last ones there.

Trying to hurry but not to speed I headed up first street. To my surprise the speed limit on that street is only 35 and not 45 as I had thought nor the 50 I was going. I was informed of this by the nice officer that pulled me over and gave me a 4 point ticket and fine of $75.00. Thank you, to All those who voted to double speeding fines on the last ballet. (this also may have been me since the last ticket I got was just after high school, remember coming back from Utah Jennifer? I figured, I really don't speed anyway. silly me.) From the back Matthew and Nicholas are yelling, "hi..,hi..,hi,...hello!" at the top of their dear lungs. Maybe they thought it was a field trip. Matthew says, "You never talked to a policeman before Mom. How come you talked to him?"

As I pulled away, I thought, the humiliation was over. Then my cell phone rang. As it was now 2:40, it was Shermie calling to see where I was and if I could come get Tuffer and him. The conversation went something like this:

Me: hello

Shermie: huh, Mom? I just called and left you a message so you would come and get us. Where are you?

Me: I just got stopped for a ticket I'll be right there.

Shermie: huh, What! So what are the charges!

Me: I got a ticket for speeding, I'll been right there.

Shermie: A ticket! So What! Did you lose your license?!

Me: No just the ticket. Come out I'll be right there.

As I shut the phone, I could hear Shermie start to explain things to those he was with. It was then I realized what this must have sounded like to anyone on the other side of it. The metal picture went between that of a bunch of laughing women, to that of a bunch of horrified women. After all why does an eight year-old understand "charges" and "ticket". Oh well, I guess I'll know which it was when social services shows up at the door. Just another day as Mom.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July 2008

In the morning the Berry Clan invited us for bike decorating and a parade. The kids were cute and had a great time showing off their works. It was a hit, thanks Berry Clan.

Later we had Sean, Kelli and the girls and Steve and Susan over to celebrate with a BBQ and fireworks. The jello salad and the pasta salads were great thanks Susan and Kelli. Here is just some of our fun from the day.

During these small hours I think of those who service in this country's military, passed and present. I am eternally grateful for their sacrifices. These times would not be possible without them. I thank them for keeping us safe so we don't have to think about it, but I do think of them. I also thank a loving Heavenly Father who greets those who have given their all. He has blessed us through them and they are rewarded in His arms. Peace comes through pain, wither it be through our own, through others, or through our Savior's.