Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Nicholas!

My Baby Boy turned 6 today!
For his Birthday dinner he choice, make your own pizza bar and Grandma made a brownie cake.
He had a lot of help getting into his presents.
But didn't need any to blow out his candles.

Happy Birthday Bocker!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

More Derby

The Boys went to the District Pinewood Derby again this year.
The boys watching their cars come down the track.
Here they go again.
It took along time to get through all the cars. Nicholas who had been running around playing showed up with his face cover in blood dripping from his head. It looked bad but as I wiped him down in the bathroom it turned out to be only a small wound on top of his head. Thankfully. We aren't sure how he did it but it was certainly an eye opening mess for such a small thing. Chalk it up to boys. But for the most part this picture pretty much sums up the whole event.
Tuffer won 3rd place in his group, way to go!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Shermie!

Shermie turned 11 on Sunday. Since we were out of town he got an unofficial party with breakfast in bed from the continental breakfast bar at the hotel and a Zinger for a birthday cake donated by his sister while we were in the car.

Today we had the official party with his favorite foods lasagna and fruit salad. Grandma made the cake.

Annalyn helped dish up Shermie's birthday cake.
Happy Birthday Shermie! We love you so much!

Hair Ball

With spring officially here and the spring weather sticking around more Duke is starting to shed his winter coat. Not that I can blame him but it really stinks he leaves it everywhere he goes. So Today Annalyn and I set out to help alleviate the burden of his excess hair.
Much to Duke's delight we brushed...
...And brushed...
...And brushed some more.
This is what we ended up with...
A bag of hair...
...and a VERY happy puppy!

(Hmmm, Can you spin dog hair for knitting? jk!)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

McCall Mini-Reunion

This weekend we went to Utah for my cousin Micah's farewell. He has been call to the Korea Seoul Mission. We left Saturday morning and only made a few pit stops.
Annalyn kept the "Trolls" (when you drive on the rumble strip) off the car.
We spent the afternoon with Uncle Tim, Aunt Sharon and their family. Monte and his family, Mande and her family came and my grandparents (my dad's) flew in from Ohio to be there too.  The boys had a BLAST playing with Andrew and Bransen. Annalyn was very excited to see Bransen and playhouse with Alexis in the short room at Tim's house.  We all went to dinner at Golden Corral, the kids' favorite place to eat. We had such a good time visiting and watching the kids run around getting their food. Sunday morning we went up to Aunt Michelle and Uncle Carlos's ward to listen to Micha's talk. He did a good job. I am proud of the young man he has grown into. He will be a great caring missionary. Michelle prepared a huge feast! She made lasagna, baked ziti, chicken trazzini, jello salads and several deserts. Her hard work was certainly appreciated.  I need to get her receipts because my boys loved it all! The kids ran around playing while everyone got each other caught up with life happenings.
Here we were trying to get everyone lined up for a picture which was not a easy task.
Annalyn had a great time with Great Grandpa and Grandma. The boys got and gave lots of hugs.
Great-Grandpa joining in the games. He is always good for entertainment whether playing or singing a funny song.
Annalyn and her friend Alexis. We had kids coming and going.
Finally got one with...well a lot of us anyway.
Carmen's little girl, Reagan, is adorable! 
Annalyn and Ava Staying out of trouble.
Marcus and Nicholas just causing trouble.

More trouble makers.
It was such a great time. I was so glad to see everyone doing well and get some hugs from the people we have been missing most.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Luck O' The Irish to Ya!

Image a beautiful day. The sun is shinning, the kids are home for spring break, the house is clean, everyone is happy and we are all in the kitchen helping make our spectacular Irish feast!

First we load the crock-pot with our corn beef, cabbage, carrots, onions, and of course potatoes. Then we whip up the batter for the pop overs. Next comes the Rainbow cake preparation. With everyone gathered around the island we put together the ingredients for a white cake ( you know the box kind). We separated the batter into 6  bowls to make 6 colors. Everyone got to ad a color to their bowl and mix it in. It then went into a greased and floured bunt pan, layering the colors. When it came out it was gorgeous and we topped with a chocolate frosting drizzle.

While the corn beef finished, we cooked the popovers, gave hair cuts (which I did on my own for the first time. They turned out well...for my first time) and cleaned up our mess. Everyone helped and didn't even complain.

Because we had made so much food we invited some friends over to share it with us. 
Now picture us all at the table enjoying our efforts and each others company with the feast lain out before us.

You have that mental picture? 

Good because that is the only pictures I have seen I mistakenly formatted the memory card. We definitely had had the Luck of the Irish with us that day...but not so much when I uploaded the pictures...Let's blame the leprechauns!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Break Hike

This morning  we called Grandma and asked if she would like to join us and a group of our friends to go on a hike to the Mica mine. We were SO happy she said yes. We met our group at the trail head and after loading babies in backpacks and rounding the kids up again we headed down the trail. The total hike is 2.5 miles.
There were probable about ten women with an average of three kids a piece. Kid's ages ranging for 5months to 11yrs. We were quite the group. They all did really well and we didn't have any probables.  Our friend Chase found this cool little beatle. 
We stop to eat our lunch at the mine. The kids were everywhere, climbing jumping, hiding, playing and eating. I couldn't believe they had so much energy.
Annaylyn fell asleep just before we reached the mine so she sleep the whole time we were there. The boys had so much fun.  Nicholas was very busy finding rocks and loading up his backpack. 
It was so nice that Grandma came. I always enjoy having her with us and so do the boys.
Shermie played king of the cave standing on a ledge at the top of the cave by himself.

It was such a great adventure and opportunity to get the kids out of the house and spend time with friends. The weather was perfect and so were the kids.
The boys had a harder time with the hike back do to their bounteous collection of rocks that they, "just couldn't leave"! It was so funny watching the struggle to carry them with all the determination in the world.
I beat Bocker's backpack weighed more than he did!

Matthew and Tuffer were just carrying big rocks that they "had to have".

Thanks Monica for getting everyone together.