Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sledding On the Mesa Again

Saturday, Mande's Family, Monte's Family and our family packed up the sleds, chili, hot chocolate, and camp stove and headed up the mountain for a day filled with snow fun. The weather was perfect. Annalyn had her first sled ride. Sherman took her first and then I took her. She seem to like it though you can't tell by the look on her face. Yes, that is Sherman putting her on by herself and sliding her to me.
It always takes a little work to get things together, get up there, and get everything set up but it is always worth it. Watching these guys just cracks me up!

They all had such a blast. In for lunch and hot chocolate then right back out for more. Annalyn and Ava sat out and opted for sleeping on Monte and Tim inside the warm truck.
Ava had her first sled ride to but after the second run she let her dad know exactly what she thought. Marcus was fun to watch. Mande and Tim took him down a few times. Then Sherman suggested he go by himself. He laughed all the way down the hill. It was hilarious!

Madi was and I wear snow buddies and went down together several times. She is so cute and did so good getting up the hill on her own.
Matthew and Nic had a little run in with each other but other than that everything went well.

By the time we were done my face hurt from smiling and laughing so much. I really can't wait to go again. We are glad we could share it with family.

Friday, December 25, 2009

More Christmas Fun

The best gift we got Christmas morning was this Little Christmas Angel.

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Loa McCall
8lbs 10.2oz and 20 inches long
We are all very excited she is here.

I got some very special rings from the boys. Monte, Kimi and Madi came from Idaho. We love to spend time with them. Madi is such a cute, sweet, fun girl. She use to be solidly on team Edward but before she left she said she was on team Uncle Sherman. I think Ava is on team Uncle Monte.

The kids had just as much fun opening present for the second time. Annalyn was definitely getting the hang of it.

Shermie found he shared a name with his toy, "Sherman Cortez". The boys and Madi help Uncle Mikey find "Waldo".

With all of the family it has been one of the best Christmas' ever. Nothing can beat spending time with family. This year it was Awesome.

A Very Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! Annalyn's first. She had a good time and I think she actually kind of got how the whole opening presents thing went.
All the kids coming down the stairs on Christmas morning.
Spencer and Sarah we knew were coming but Jessie's family came on Christmas Eve as a surprise for Susan. Gavin spent the night. Then all the Alexanders came over for breakfast and presents. It was fun to share the excitement. For breakfast we had stuffed french toast, potato casserole, eggs, bacon, sausage, orange juice and milk. YUM!
Gavin divided up the presents for everyone. We even had Steve here.
Nicholas gave me the one of the best presents, his "Rocket". Silly sweet boy.
At school this year the boys had a Santa Shop where they bought presents for their family. They each went at different times but they all managed to pick the same present for Dad. A Superman key chain, so he has three.
Good times for all now on to the next house.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Stockings Were Hung...

...By the fireplace of course ...After much yelling, I made myself horse...
But it was all worth the fun for the smiles on their faces...
And seeing all the stockings put in there places...
Now cookies for Santa and then off to bed...
To listen for reindeer and bells on his sled.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Ornaments

Aunt "D" came over yesterday to help us make our Christmas tree ornaments for this year. The boys were very excited. She is so creative and we sure love her. They were making gingerbread house and men.
Ava and Annalyn had fun playing while Jake (the dog) baby-sat.
They got to decorate the houses by themselves. What fun that was.
Annalyn wanted Marcus to share his chair. She getting big so quickly. She is going to be walking in no time.
The end results were very good! Very creative and individual. I especially like how we put they put the pictures on them.
Thank you so much Aunt "D" for the idea and for over seeing the execution. They are wonderful!


I asked Christopher to watch Annalyn. She was crawling everywhere making it "difficult" for him. Here is a clever solution to the situation.
I can't tell what she thinks but Tuffer seems pleased. Baby contained.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

To Big

This is what I woke up to yesterday. Oops to big!

This is what I woke up to today. Much better.
This just makes me laugh.
Happy Girl!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

O Christmas Tree

We finally Have the lights and the tree up. Everyone helped.
It was Shermie's turn to put up the star. (No question this year)
Annalyn's first Christmas tree ornament.
My handsome guys and pretty little girl.
Now it feels like Christmas.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Here Comes Santa Claus

Everyone was excited for the special guest at our ward party. I think Shermie wasn't sure if it was OK for him to be, but i think he was.
Tuffer is our little doubter this year. He was suspicious, but still interested.
This was Matthew's told you so look. No doubt here, he talked to Santa on the phone.
Nic just loves presents.
Annalyn wasn't to sure at first but we got a good photo.
I love Christmas and the magic it brings!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Playing Peek-a-Boo

Annalyn's favorite game right now is peek-a-boo. Today she was playing with her Dad and Nicholas. They were having a good time.
She likes to be covered and try to get out. When she does we say peek-a-boo which usually gets her laughing.
She and Nic played for an hour.
Then Nic had to go to bed so she just played with Dad.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let it Snow...

...Especially if it means no school! Seven inches overnight. The boys could hardly stand it when I told them that the schools had been closed.
That is until they found out that they had to shovel the driveway.
They did a great job of moving all of the snow. I love snow days! Annnalyn even helped by wiping up the floor after the boys came in with their snowy boots.
Such good helpers I have! After they finished the driveway we went over to Grandma's for hot chocolate and Christmas baking.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Silly Daddy

Sherman found a new game to play with Annalyn...
He holds her bottle up and squeezes it into her mouth. It is too funny. She seem to think so also. The goof balls.
We sent a video in to America's Funniest Home Videos. Maybe we can win. Personally I think it's Priceless!