Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tuffer and the Wave

Christopher has joined the Grand Valley Wave swim team and is extremely excited about it. His first practice was today and he made some new friends. I think he will learn quick and will be a good swimmer.
It is only once a week to start with. As he gets better he will start going more. The only draw back is for me because they meet first thing in the morning which means all 6 of us have to be ready and out the door early. I am not a morning person.

Bows and Toes

Our little Princess has been with us for 2wks now. She has been such a wonderful baby. She is very easy to please, sleep a lot at night, and is content during the day. Annalyn had her first doctors appointment yesterday and she weighed 6 lbs 2 oz. The little piggy pig loves to eat. She is working on getting big so she can beat her brothers off.

I love putting bows in her hair though her dad won't let me stick them on with syrup or anything like it. He isn't big on the head band bows either because they are too tight, so we have to test them on Matthews head before they go on hers. Doesn't she look Beautiful!
Shermie is always wanting to look at her and hold her. What a good Brother!

I have especially liked painting those little teeny tiny toes! Don't they look just lovely!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Welcome Home Annalyn Rose!!

Born @ 9:02 a.m.

5 lbs 8 oz, 19 1/4 inches long.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

I had a wonderful Mother's Day! It started off with this lovely unexpected breakfast in bed that the boys made completely on their own and without prompting. My favorite cereal, jam on toast, pretzel chips and orange juice. Bet your breakfast wasn't as nice.
I also got a wind chime to hang outside. We went and saw Gramie and wished her happy Mother's day, then went to Grandma's. There Grandpa cooked us a delicious lunch. Thanks! Then we spent the rest of the day relaxing with a nice visit from Uncle Spencer and Aunt Sarah.
When I went to upload the picture of my breakfast I got another present. These pictures Bocker took of himself.
He is insisting that someone else was taking them of him but it was definitely him. There were 25 of them in total. That's what I get for leaving the camera out. I'm so grateful to be the mom of all these boys and soon one girl. I am so blessed! Happy Mother's Day to all the women out there who have a part in any child's life.

Monster Trucks!!

The Monster Trucks came to town this last weekend and yes, the boys were all over it! The trucks came to do a promo at the shop next door to Pop pop's. So the boys got a close up look at them.
Later their Dad took them to the rally where they got a ride in the back of "Bone Crusher".
There is nothing quite like seeing a huge truck run over jumps and crush cars. Can't beat that can you.
Aaaaah, the sound of crushing metal and loud engines. Who says you have to be a redneck to fully enjoy it?

They all got a kick out of it and had a rip roaring time.

Channeling Great-Grand Dad

We recently had the opportunity to help my parents clean out and re-gravel their bull pen. It was not too bad to clean out but the rocks where a lot funner. It took four truck loads which I think is about a yard and a half each load. (don't worry at 9 months pregnant, I was not doing a lot here)
The boys jumped right in to help and really worked hard. Sherman said he was reminded of all the times he had to help his Grand Dad Wagner with stuff like this.

As I watched Sherman Peter directing the Boys and their efforts, I could see that maybe we were some how channeling that tough old bird.

After all Sherm Wagner taught my husband the real meaning of work. From the time he was eight, Sherman Peter was out helping Grand Dad build fence or whatever else needed to be done. (working in the garden, hauling hay, feeding cows, branding them etc.)
It's a work ethic that has stuck with him to this day and one that I am continually grateful for. It's one of the best lessons Great-Grand Dad could have passed on to Sherman Peter and now to my boys through him. Let's just hope the songs that went along with it stay out of it. (those of you who knew him know what I'm talking about) :).

Bees and Butterflies Program

While Sherman was in California he missed out on Tuffer's "Bees and Butterflies" program. Through out the school year his class has been learning about what bees do and the life cycle of the butterfly.
This is a real cool science lesson for them and Tuffer has learned a lot from it. He was always very excited about sharing what he had learned when he got home. As a close to it they have a program of singing and sharing what they learned. The program was fun to watch and they all did a excellent job. Good job, Christopher!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Girl Must Have Her Shoes

I woke up yesterday morning at 2:30 with the uncontrollable urge to clean. It lasted all day, which means I finally got all the baby clothes for Annalyn organized and put away (thank you, Grandma and Paula!!) When Sherman got home he had to laugh at this:
He said, "She's not even born yet and already she has a wardrobe of shoes!" I say it's never to early to start a shoe fetish and she is well on her way.
Her dress wardrobe isn't hurting either.
Oh, the fun of girls!!!!! :)

Fishing in the Rain

This last weekend was the annual Gene Taylor's Fishing Derby. They stock the pond in front of their store with tons of trout. Some have tags for prizes and trophies. We try to go every year with Gramie and Pop pop. The boys have lot of fun and look forward to it. This year was particularly fun as it started raining just as we started fishing.

Here they are all lined up: Nic, Matt, Shermie, Tuffer
Is Sherman Peter actually getting ready to bait a hook? Glad I caught a picture of that! It's proof he can do it. :) (OK so he does bait the hooks but he leaves the fish to me. He's the one in the black hood behind the boys)
Shermie and Nic were the only ones who landed their fish. But Tuffer and Matthew had them on the line so it was still fun for all despite the rain. We love fishing.

You can see I didn't bother trying to stay dry, there was just no sense in it. By the time we were done Mom and I were soaked. (Sherman Peter had gone in and bought a water proof jacket and I should have let him get me one)

Well, part of fishing is getting wet, but maybe not this wet. It did make it more interesting at any rate. (p.s. Mom Sherman still wants his coat back :)