Saturday, May 28, 2011

Titanic Murder

Another dress up book club. This time we were on the Titanic when a murder took place.
Julia wrote the mystery. She did an excellent job and we had so much fun with it!
This is our serious photo.
Jennifer and Becca dressed to kill.
Julia, Lynett and I with Julia being extra friendly.
The Killer Sylvia the snoop.

Thank you Julia, it was such a blast! Next month is an 80's bash.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Tigers, Elephants and Bear's Oh My!

The Shriner Circus was in town this weekend and my mom had free tickets for the kids to go. With the prospect of an Elephant ride of course we went! I love elephants!
We were suppose to all be on the same one but the guy wasn't listening and Annalyn and I wound up going on the next one. I turned out better that way because I was able to get a picture of the boys.
The one of Annalyn and I Sherman took with his phone from the stands so not it's not so great. The boys loved it and would have gladly gone again if not for the price of the ride. Annalyn on the other hand was excited to see the elephants but not so much to sit on one.
Here she was mad because Shermie was holding her and she couldn't see them.
They were also very excited to see the tigers. Annalyn kept pulling on the fence saying, "Ti-ger ti-ger open it, It's ti-ger open it, open it".  If she only knew what she was asking for.
Getting excited as the show started.
And here are Boo's Tigers. Does she look excited or what.
She called this the "Tramp-O-lean"(as she says it).
It was a fun time. Matthew liked the guys juggling fire (of course), Tuffer liked the elephants, Shermie liked the "catapult guys", Nicholas liked the motorcycles in the ball, and Annalyn liked the elephants, tigers, and the trapeze. I loved watching them enjoy themselves.

Growing Up

I can not believe that I have a kid who will be in middle school next year! We went to Shermie's graduation from elementary school today.
He has had some great people teaching him these last few years. His teacher Mrs. Lynch has been wonderful. We will really miss his principal Mr. Schmaltz as he will be retiring this year. He has been so good to all of the kids.
The graduation program had a dvd of the kids through the year and was full of music. A little too much music for Boo who fell asleep.
They sang this in Kindergarten it made me cry then and it did this time too. Here is the picture from kindergarten.
I am so proud of Shermie and the work he does in school. He is so smart and loves to read. I don't know if I am ready for him to go to middle school...
 ...But I know he is.
 Next year will bring new adventures!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Tri...Tri...Tri Again

Had a great weekend with my mom sister and sister in-law at the Women of Steel.  The weather could not have been better. I had been worried that it was going to be rainy and cold as we had been warned. But the morning of the race the sun came out and it warmed up nicely without being too hot. There were 739 women who finished the race. Starting at the pool we lined up according to our time for the 300 meter. They would let swimmers into the pool every twelve seconds.

The swim went like this:
(those are some mad paint brush skills right there)The pool was kind of crazy because no one was in a really good order of swim times. Either because people didn't know their time or weren't asking others what their times were. This lead to a lot of congestion during the swim. I didn't like that they added time to your swim by having the timer at the gate but I guess I would rather that then the timer mess up my start and stop times. At any rate the pool was over quickly enough and we were on to the bike course.

The bike course made two loops around a pretty little neighborhood and the cemetery. On one side of the loop it went up hill for a bit then was flat, then it hit the down hill.  I loved the bike course especially how fast you could get going on the down hill.
Why, yes that is snow covering the mountain behind me!
The run went along part of the bike route with the same up and down hills but we only had to do one loop.

I finished my race then went back to find Mande and Jessie, who started later, to cheer them in.
It was a really super race and we can officially say we are Women of Steel!
Thanks Jessie for suggesting this race. I had so much fun, What a great experience. I'm glad to have shared it with some of the Awesome women in my life.
Here are my times:

T1- 00:04:37.810
T2- 00:03:27.507
Run- 00:35:16.284
Total Time- 01:43:32
This is the necklace we received at the end of the race. So cute!
While we were racing my mom was dealing with getting the car towed(battery went bad), while running back and forth cheering us on and snapping pictures. Yep, She is a Woman of Steel too. Thank you, Mom! We ended the weekend with some nice relaxing shop therapy. Fantastic!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


I can't believe she is two! My little princess.

She was so excited to get dressed up for her birthday. When I asked her if she wanted me to do her hair she said,"oh, yes!" when I got done she said, " oh, love it." I  love that she is such a girly girl!
She makes us smile and laugh every day!

Not to bad for my lack of experience doing little girl hair.
She is so Pretty!
Grandma got her a bunch of cute outfits and a fluffy white puppy that she absolutely loved!!!
She was also very excited over the kitchen set that she got from Gramie and Pop pop, but the box was the big hit with the boys!