Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Not a Fish to Be Found

Last Saturday we had the opportunity to go fishing with Gramie and PopPop on their boat at Vega Lake. The boys where very excited to go. They have only been fishing once this year and that was in a small pond. The boys, Annalyn and I picked up lunch and headed to the lake. Gramie helped us get everyone on the boat and in a few minutes we all had our lines in the water. I think the boys must have picked up ants and put them in their pants before boarding! They could not sit still for nothing (reeling lines in, having them thrown out again,walking back and forth, etc. general good time fun... Right?). We kept telling them they were scarring the fish away but those ants would not let them be. After about an hour and a half we headed in because I could see that the younger ones were done and we had caught no fish, not even a bit. By the time we got back home I a picture from Gramie on my cell phone. They caught FIVE fish after we left. GO Figure! (well, with the return of quiet I'm sure the fish were thrilled) Thanks Gramie and PopPop for the effort anyway.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1st Day Back at School

The Troops head back to the battle ground...well, some of them anyway.

Best/Worst part of the First Day of School:

Shermie 4th grade-Seeing my friends again in class/reading and writing work sheets

Tuffer 2nd grade- When I had no homework. I was excited because I don't like it/there wasn't
a worst part.

Matthew 1st grade- Recess, Lunch, Learning and playing games with friends/nothing

Nicholas @ home- Watching whatever I want on T.V./ I got lonely and had to help more
with house work.

Annaboo @ home-Mom didn't have to put me down to help my brothers, More attention for
me!!!(if that is even possible) / Missed the entertainment

Mom- Loved the relative quietness and not having to find things to entertain everyone/ missed
the help and the hugs

Another School year, here we go!

I love these pictures!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Smart Girl

Annalyn is now three months old, she seem to be growing up too quickly. While I'm excited to see her learn new thing, I'm also sad she's not the ittiy-bitty baby I brought home. Here is some of the new stuff she can do. She loves to play in this thing:

Here she was laying on the couch just blabbing up a storm. She is very talkative and loves to hear herself, she makes us all laugh.

Annalyn is such a happy, wonderful baby I am so glad she is a part of our family. It doesn't hurt that she is so cute either!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Last Days of Summer Fun

Grandma took the boys to Banana's for some last chance before school starts fun. They spent the whole day there playing mini golf, bump and jump, laser tag, driving the race cars, and bumper boats. They were so tired out at the end of the just crashed.
Matt doesn't look too thrilled with his hit.

Tuffer takes a swing. Nic waiting his turn in the wings.

Shermie makes a putt.

Thank you,Grandma for the very full day of fun!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Great-Great-Grandma Helen

Our kids are very lucky to still have a Great-great-grandma and she lives here in town. We don't see her as much as we should but the boys love to visit her. She always spoils them with treats and they love too play with the animal lamp their dad use to play with.

Here is Annalyn meeting Great-Aunt Dorthy for the first time. She loves her.

Great-great Grandma Helen and Annalyn

"Who wants to love me more?" says Annalyn

The biggest hit is usually the sugar. This day was Aunt Dorothy's Birthday so they had cake, pop, chocolate chip cookies, strawberry and vanilla ice cream, ice cream bars, and marshmallow cookies. But the big find this day was Grandma Helen's Secret Room that is hidden behind a window in her dinning room. They thought that it was the coolest thing ever. Nicholas insists that he needs to have a sleep over.

We sure do love Great-great-grandma Helen and Great Aunt Dorothy.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Eathan and Gavin Come for a Visit

We were lucky enough to have our nephews come to visit for a week. The boys were so excited the could hardly stand it! It was a week of fun with biking, early morning swim practice and running, free movies then pizza and swimming at Gramie's.

5 boys in the pool...Nic eating pizza...Grandma and Annalyn ... sportin' the goggles.

Wedges aren't just for pizza

Gavin and Matthew are "Brave" because they eat spider webs... no really they did!

They were hoping to become spider man they said. I'll I can say is Yuck!

Shermie finally got his wolf badge (he earned in March) then they played water baseball.

Matthew is such a ham...Shermie was so proud...More Ham

Gavin and Tuffer low five...Nic's wind sock...Eathan waits his turn

We took them to the park for some fun with, yes, the RC plane, car, and boat. ( good thing the batteries are rechargeable)

The take off and retrieval

Tuffer and Eathan with a friend and Matthew with the bomb from the plane

Why do boys like water so much?
Playing in the water...driving the boat

Dirty and...Clean
I still think they're dirty!

Thanks Aunt Jessie for letting us have them. They were the BEST!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Pop Pop's Turn

We had so much fun with the plane the other day that we decided to do it again and invite Gramie, Pop pop, and Sean's family to join us. We took an awning and chairs, along with the remote control plane, a water rocket, several kites and some KFC for lunch.

The boys and their wooden planes which lasted all of five minutes Our little set up

The kids were so funny running back and forth with their kites. They kept getting tangled because they wouldn't stay in one spot. Sean and Pop Pop brought their planes and Shermie brought his RC car. There was lots to do.

Shermie and his car Matthew and his kite

Joni pucked all over Gramie (which she said was "Uncle Sherman's fault. He mad me eat my mashed potatoes!" we all laughed at that). Sherman let Pop Pop fly his plane when his plane wouldn't work (fortunately for Pop pop's plane, it lives another day) I guess hr should start with a simulator). Despite the puking and including the plane crashes it was a wonderful day.

Bocker and his kite Tuffer and his grin

Pop pop's flying....or crashing

Rocket Fun