Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Big Boy Got a New Toy!

It was a long time coming. The process started when my dad bought one and took us out to watch him fly it, but he chickened out (actually it had been too windy that day). Sometime later, we were at the park where there were a group of them flying around (how fun it looked). Really, I guess I'm surprised it took as long as it did. After much thought and one too many drives past Hobby Hut, my husband decided to get a remote control airplane for "us". (now he and my dad can play Red Barron)
The boys were very excited as it came out of the box. Matthew ran and got his tools to help with the assembly. With everyone huddled around the table, Sherman put the plane together. While the batteries charged they watched the instructional video and read the manual (I know. Weird huh?). Then we were ready to head for the park.

All was going well...


We took the plane home for some serious repairs which were, easily enough, fixed with packing tape. (even though the fuselage broke in half)

No worse for the wear, we headed back to the park for another try. As we were getting ready for take off our Giver of Useful, Yet Obvious Advice said, "Dad, maybe you should land on the wheels this time", while thinking to himself, "You should have thought of that. You dumby!" (who could that have been?- Matthew)

Well, he almost took that advice.

I love the disgust in Shermie's voice right at the end there. The repairs this time will be easier to fix. Mainly it just needs a new propeller, but that was enough for today.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Annalyn's Blessing

Annalyn's blessing dress is from the Philippines. I looked all over and found this one in California. I love it not just because I served my mission there but because it is so beautifully handmade. We needed a little help from Yvon to get it to fit and she did it perfectly. She looks just like a princess!
Sherman gave her a very nice blessing, though she cried all the way through it. (standing in the circle were: Sean, Scott, Monte,Grandpa, Pop pop and Bishop Rock) He said afterward that she was starting early with being naughty. Not this Angel!
It was a long, fun and eventful weekend. We are so grateful to all who came, especially those who traveled. We loved having you. It made it extra special.
Time for a nap.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July Fun

Annalyn's First Fourth of July. She looks so patriotic! Thanks Aunt Jessie for the cute onesie.

We had everyone over for a Brisket BBQ and fireworks. Sparklers are always a hit with the kids, though they aren't my favorite.

Matthew and Nic getting the most out of the fun.

My little clan. All the cousins

Gramie and Pop got this cool inflated rocket to launch. Everyone absolutely loved it but we only got to do it once. After the first high, flying, launch it landed on the neighbor's roof. (it came down the next day so it will get used again soon) The looks on their faces as it zoomed upward was so funny.

Everyone waiting for the fireworks. Best seats in the house, no bad views.

Sean, Scott and Sherman played pyros. They had lots of ammunition.

It was a terrific evening that everyone enjoyed. We need to do it again next year.

Happy 4th of July!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

First Swim

Annalyn is already to hit the pool. So stylish. Her Aunt Dee gave her this suit and our friend Julia gave her the sunglasses. Thanks!

We waited so Dad could be there for the first swim. Oh, that feels so nice but that sun is awfully bright. She liked the water and was happy to be in it.

Let me borrow your sunglasses mom.

Look at the lovely star fish, Cousin Maddi and Nicholas. (or maybe they're sharks)
This was the pre-firework cool down at Gramie's. We had a fun time with all the cousins and brothers. What a great way to beat the heat. I'm ready, when can we go again.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Finding Fireworks

Finding Fireworks is always one of my favorite things. Their packaging is so colorful and inviting we always wind up spending more than we want to but we do wait for them to go B.O.G.O free.

Matt found several he liked.

Nic and Tuffer kept changing their minds.

Posing is never a problem.

Annalyn's first fireworks, she had help. Such good brothers! We spent almost an hour but came away with some good stuff.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Random Pictures of Cuteness

I just couldn't help sharing these:

Isn't she a cutie and such a good baby always smiling as long as you give her attention.

Nic being Nic, which was probably naughty but he is cute enough to get a way with a lot.

My sleeping angel girl. She sleeps so good, only waking up once a night.

What a ham, look at the mischief in those eyes.

Don't you just want to kiss those lips?!! Angelina Jolie, eat your heart out.

Cute babies!!! Oh, right. Nic is not a baby, he's a big brother and a good one at that.