Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pinewood Derby

Shermie had his first Pinewood Derby this weekend. He has been so excited about it every time he thought we had time to work on it he would remind us. This was a little patients wearing but I could understand his enthusiasm. He and Sherman Peter had been working on the car all month. (PopPop helped with the cutting) The car turned out Great!

They put the wheels on without Mom's supervision and when we got to the weigh in...
...Sherman Peter had to take them off again because washers are not allowed. That's what happens when I turn my back for just one second. Just can't leave these boys alone. ( I knew they were illegal but I guess Peter must have left the room while I was reading them. It was a mistake he wasn't trying to cheat, but he sure got a lot of chuckles from the other Dads)

Shermie's car came in Fifth place and we came away with some ideas for next year. Out of all the car though Shermie's was definitely the COOOOLEST! Great Job Boys!

Next year we will have two cars to do so we have pre-enlisted Pop Pop to help with Shermie's and Peter will help with Tuffer's. I can't wait to see the competition there. :0) I think PopPop is already drawing his ideas up.

We Will Miss Our "Mas"

This last week Great- "Mas"Grandma Behan passed away. While we are thankful that she is no longer hurting and that she has been reunited with our Heavenly Father and other loved ones, we will miss her so much.Here are some of the things we will miss most:

Her smile
Her wonderful contagious laugh
The warmth of her hugs
The excitement in her voice when you told her good news
Always knowing that she loved us and still does
Her beautiful face.

We Love You Dearly!! We know were you are and that you are safe. Until we meet again at Heavenly Father's feet.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Still a Girl!

I had the actual ultrasound today and yes she is still a girl. Here she is giving me a kick. It gets wavy because I laughed.

The doctor said she looks just perfect. I think so.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Sledding On the Mesa

We got these old school snow suite from my mother-in-law. They are the ones my husband's brother Marc wore when he was little. Don't they look awesome?!

Thanks, to my friend Paula, for inviting us to go sledding this past weekend. We had a Blast!! Because the more the merry, we also invited our friends Ivan and Ruby and family to come along. Instead of going to old Powderhorn (which is ALWAYS packed, busy and a little unsafe, they had two kids helivaced out the day before) we went to the other side of the Mesa to a large open hill that was just right for sledding especially with small kids. Our boys had no trouble walking up the hill themselves and totally loved the trip down.

In the Parking Lot-Shermie, Nic, Matthew, Tuffer, Valarie, Vivian, and Ruby

Matthew and Nic managed to get under the only tree close enough to run into.
Luckily the hill wasn't steep enough in this spot to be going fast.
Nic sled right out of his boots. (they were a little big, but the only ones we could find, for the most part it wasn't a problem)

Shermie after a face plant. He is on the right.

Even Sherman and Ivan seemed to have a great time of it. Here is Sherman going down the hill and getting his wind knocked out.

Here is Ivan and Vivian at a slow pace.