Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nicholas' Birthday

Happy Birthday to our little ball of energy! He had a pirate ship cake made for him by Gramie
He wasn't too excited...
...O.k. so maybe he was! He is a goof-ball for sure.
He may even be a little spoiled too because Grandma made him another cake and had pizza for him as well.
Nicholas is a great big brother and loves to help his little sister do EVERYTHING. He helped her learned to walk, helps her stay out of his toys and helps her follow him around.
Nicholas is a big helper to Mom as well he is good at picking up his room, and keeping everyone entertained.

Nicholas keeps us on our toes and always has something funny to say. We are so lucky to have him. We love you!

Up and Into Everything

This new mobility is becoming really fun to watch. Here is her latest trick. Push basket to dresser, climb in, climb up, get into Daddy's things.

Oops, didn't count on falling. That didn't go exactly as planned. Better luck next time.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pre-Easter Easter with Gramie and PopPop

Since Gramie will be out of town for Easter we had it early with them. All the in town cousins were there ready to find the Easter Eggs.
And off they go!
Annalyn didn't take long to caught on and she loved it. Even when we were done she continued to look around for more eggs.
It was a laugh to watch them all running around egg hunting.
Matthew and Nicholas checking in the garden.All tuckered out Annalyn continued to cling to her favorite finds. While asleep she lost her grip on the white one. She woke just long enough to find it and get a good grip before falling back to sleep.
My little sleeping beauty.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pinewood Derby District Race

The boys went to the district pinewood race. There were over 100 cars and the place was stuffed full.
They had a cool aluminum race track, computerized finish line and bracketing system. Very high tech, very cool.
Every car raced on every track so they ran four times each.
While neither of the boys won they had a good experience. They're cars were at least competitive with just fractions of seconds between the winners.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Very Important Things

When your 10 months old you have some very important things to write.
Not even Dad can distract you.
And sometimes you even have very important calls to make.
It's rough to be little and have some much to do.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

First Day of Spring (also known as Shermie's Birthday!)

Our first day of spring was a busy one. The First order of business was to go have Family/Easter pictures with Aunt Kelli. She had a live rabbit and the boys were all a little chicken of it. Annalyn wasn't to sure either but I think Kelli was able to get some really cute shots.

Second order of business was lunch, we went out for Shermie's birthday. All of the kids were so good and well behaved. It was a nice time.

We had a tree trimmed and opted to do the clean up ourselves. So the third order of business for the day was to cut and load up the branches into the truck.

The boys enjoyed watching Dad use the chain saw. But not so much the clean up. Even still they worked hard and did a great job!
The truck was overflowing when we finished. Just in time to go to the a movie for Shermie's Birthday. We saw "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" which was a reward for Shermie having read all of the books. It was a funny movie that we all enjoyed.Nic was given the option of going or staying with Grandma and Annalyn. After thinking it over he decided to stay with his Grandma.

Sherman said to him: How come that Grandma loves you so much?

Nic: Because I love her just a little more than Mom.

After the movie we came back to our house to have cake and ice cream. Aunt Dee made this awesome Super Mario Brother's Mushroom cake for Shermie.Very cool.
Here are somethings about:

1) He is a Great, Wonderful, Loving, Caring, Awesome big brother and son. He helps me everyday. He is the "go to" guy to help with Annalyn. His brothers love to play with him.

2) He loves to read. Shermie has developed a love of reading. We don't even have to tell him to read anymore because usually he is already doing it

3) He is responsible. They have asked him at school to be a Student Mediator. He takes it seriously and helps those who need it with reason and a level head.

4) He has a great sense of humor, sometimes above his age. When a friend was being bugged on the bus Shermie stopped the bully, to which the bully said, "I going to kick your @#$!@". Shermie's reply was, " Oh, good my !@#@ can use a kicking". While this might not have been the first choice for most people it defused the situation as everyone involved started laughing. (I let him know next time "butt" would be a better alternative)

Happy Birthday Shermie!! We Love you!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Laundry Basket Chariot and Rainbow Cake

It's great to be so little...

... And to have big brothers to push your chariot. The new favorite thing to do is to push Annalyn up and down the hall in the laundry basket. She is not complaining either she loves it.
Nicholas helped me make a rainbow cake to go with our dinner. He mixed all the colors before we put the mix in the pan.

The cake came out very interesting looking because it stuck to the pan I used. But it tasted good and the rainbow looked cool. (wish I'd have taken a picture)

Luck of the Irish

While the Leprechauns stayed away this year everyone will have a lucky day with no pinching. With a tip of the hat to our Irish background (on my side). We will have corn beef and cabbage for dinner with pop overs.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Playing at Grandma's

You never know what you can find to play with at Grandma's. She always has the best things a boy could want. Like a wooden sword and a trash can lid shield.
Annalyn likes the boat.
Nic found a pole that works as a sword and a horse.
Grandma's is great they even have a hole to dig to China in. We love Grandma's house.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Bockers Bonk

This is the bump Nicholas got from smacking heads with his brother while running through the house.
Do you think it will slow them down? Don't count on it. So it is with dirty stinky boys, you got to love them!

Walking Like a Pro

In just a short time she has got this walking thing down. Annalyn is now trying her had at running which usually ends with her top going faster then her feet.
The boys are having alot of fun trying to keep her out of stuff.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Baseball is in the Air

The weather was so nice today we got the boys out to practice some baseball. This year all of the boys are playing. That means three different teams, three different practices, three different games. It should be fun trying to get everyone to the proper place and time.

Annalyn wants to play! This was the first time she got to play on the grass and spend time outside.
Running at the the end of practice.