Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to School! Wahooo...Boohoo!

Another school year begins. Look how excited they are. Can you feel the excitement on my face?
This year is a first and last year. Nicholas is so happy to be starting Kindergarten and getting to ride the bus. How can it be here already? I will miss is exuberance, smiles, and hugs.
It will be the final year for Shermie in Elementary school. Next year he is in Middle school (I don't know if I am ready for that). He is already wearing the same size shoe as me and he will have me beat in height in no time at all. OFF THEY GO!
Of course I followed the bus to school as is tradition with the first day of kindergarten (any more after that is unwelcome). As excited as I am for them to be back in school, I found myself getting a little choked up. Nicholas didn't seem nervous at all. He happily talked with old friends and was making new ones. When they went into class he just waved.
Annalyn and I weren't quite sure what to do with ourselves when we got home. It was so quiet and it stayed clean. Before too long though Nic's bus was rounding the corner. Hooray!! He said he had a great day and loved his new class.

Here are the best and worst parts of the day:

Shermie- I liked everything
Tuffer- seeing friends/reading
Nic-My teacher/
Annalyn- NO BOYS :)/ no boys :(
MOM- AHH, the Quiet/sad they are growing up so quick

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Tickets

My husband had the opportunity to buy Bronco's season tickets and of course we HAD to have them, so he bought four.
This last Saturday he took the three younger boys to the Detroit vs. Broncos game. They were so excited. On the way they stopped to pick up some jerseys to wear. Don't they look handsome.
The Seats they said were great. You can see everything happening. They all had a great time and enjoyed the guys night. I Love this Picture!Shermie will be going to a game later in the year with Grandpa, Scott, Steve and Dad. We all will get a turn. They rest we are selling. Go BRONCOS!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hot and Peachy

With Sherman taking Tuffer, Matt and Nic to the Broncos game tonight, Shermie, Annalyn and I decided to check out the Peach Festival. It was very warm today and I wish I had waited til it was a little cooler but it was still fun. Shermie entered the peach eating contest.
He was the second one done in this group. Yea, Shermie!
Then we got a snow-cone and something to eat...
...A Giant Turkey Leg! While it was absolutely delicious, I really don't recommend taking one on by yourself. Not only are they a lot of food but you would probable fall over dead if you knew how many calories they are. Lets just say I'm glad Shermie and I only ate half of it between us.
Good Grief that thing was huge!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Swinging, Swinging All the Day

It's a rare thing when this little girlie has time to entertain herself. She is usually to busy with her brothers. I looked outside yesterday and she was swinging all by herself.
That is until her brother's came out to take pictures of her.
She was all to happy to oblige them. If there is a camera she's ready.
She is sure going to miss them being home when school starts but I think she can handle it.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

You Say Potato...

I say tomato. I got both of these out of our garden. I am really excited to see that I actually got potatoes. I threw them in as an after thought not thinking that we would actually get any but here is the first one!
Oh, my pathetic bell peppers, they are the same size as my grape tomatoes, but they tasted good. They just haven't grown I am surprised they produced at all, so I will take what I can get.
I am so happy with our garden boxes. The kids and I are really enjoying them. We go out every other day to see what is ready to be picked. Can't wait to do it again next year.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Good Old Sherm

Sherman built fence with his Granddad starting about the time he was eight years old. This is one of the signs they would hang on the fences they did. I have been bugging Sherman to get me one forever (which is a tricky thing if you don't know the fence owner).
The other day he went to help a friend at his house. The friend just happened to have this sign on his fence so he gave it to Sherman. I thinks its a cool reminder of a tough old bird.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Star Gazer Lilys

I had planted several of these lily bulbs in my garden. They all started to grow and were doing great. One by one they mysteriously got tramped by the many little feet that live in my house. (some not so little Shermie's school shoes feet me this year)
Only one survived to bloom. With three flowers it sure is wonderful.
I am grateful for these and hope to have better luck next year with the others.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Eating Your Words

While play with a dog at a friends house, Matthew got bit. It wasn't a bad bite but we took him to the doctor's office to get it cleaned out and looked at to see if it would need any stitches.
Sherman took him in. While they were waiting in the exam room Matthew asked him what the stick on the counter was for. Sherman told him it was to stick up his nose and test his brain for dog germs. Matthew gave him a look and said, "Your going to eat your words..." long pause "Literally". When the doctor came in and did not use it to stick up his nose Matthew said under his breath, "Told you you would eat your words...sucker".
I guess he showed him. His leg was fine, both he and the dog were up to date on shots. No stitches and Matthew lives to smart off another day. Got to love that kid!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Ice Cream

We finally went and did the kids' school shopping. All the boys will be in school this year so they all got school clothes. It is such fun trying to figure out every ones sizes and get them what they need. Annalyn was probably feeling jipped (you may not think she would notice but oh let me tell you this girl noticed). She may not have gotten school clothes but she did get ice cream.
She was plenty happy about that!Yum!
I think we had as much fun watching as she did eating it!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Good Sign

We were treated this afternoon with a double rainbow.
I love rainbows! They, along with the rain, are one of my very favorite things.And what an awesome double at that. Annalyn was standing outside with me when I took these. To my great amusement she was just as excited about them as I was.
Just like it was for Noah, they are always a good sign to me. (though I doubt if Noah was a big fan of the rain)


...Don't we all feel like this sometimes? Annalyn was helping remove the tape from painting.
I think it might have gotten to be a little stickier then she expected.
But it didn't stop her from pulling off more tape. Silly girl. (hmm, wonder if there could be a moral to this story? maybe... if I had more time)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ugly Wallpaper

We finally got rid of the spectacular green wallpaper that has graced my room.
We had the kids help tear it down. They thought that was Great!...
...Maybe they enjoyed it a little to much. (yes, that is straight drywall underneath the paper on this wall, nice... super nice)
We painted and it looks so nice!!!
Though I am sad that we don't have the green and purple in the computer room anymore.
But it's done and that I am thankful for.