Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall In

Fallen leaves are always a blast. This is the first batch of the year. Annalyn's first fall. She tried to eat a leaf.
I think we racked them at least a dozen times but it wasn't getting old. The were trying to out do each others jump into the leaves.
The boys made themselves human rakes to get them to the street.
Can you spy all four boys?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One Down

This lovely, out of focus speck is a dead fly on my ceiling (gross I know bare with me). How it got that way will surprise you. It was hit... ...By this plane throw by this kid! While I was walking around smacking flies, Matthew was flying his paper airplane. He said to me, "Watch mom." (I'm sure he did not plan his trick to be so cool) At just the right moment and just in the right spot it hit the ceiling killing the fly. If I didn't see it I wouldn't have believed it. His face says it all.
Now I'd like to see you try that.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tuffer's Baptism

Christopher made the decision to be baptised. He loves to read the scriptures and he was so excited to become a member of the church. He was baptised and confirmed by his dad. We are so proud of his good choices and the example he sets for his brothers. We thank all of our family who came from out of town, especially Uncle Tim and Aunt Sharon who we don't get to see enough. It was great to see everyone. More pictures soon.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Black Canyon Sprint Triathlon '09

One month after I had Annalyn, my friends Becca and Jennifer asked if I wanted to do a triathlon with them. I said sure and started training. I trained for three months and did a few trial runs and was ready to go for it. This was the sleeping arrangement of the night before the race, I was in my own bed (I wish).
The day of the race I was pretty nervous but excited. Check out the cool goggles and cap I borrowed from Christopher. They gave us ankle bracelets that recorded our time. I got through the swim and started the bike portion. I had been worried about the weather being cold but when I came outside it felt good and the weather was perfect the whole day.
I got a surprise on the bike course in the form of the largest hill I have ever seen. When I came around the corner and saw it I about died. After that though the course was flat except for when I got to the down side of the hill which was twisty, steep and a little scary. The running course turned out to be up a hill for half and down the hill for the other half. But it was not just straight up. It switched back and forth all the way up then you came down the same way you went up. But I ran the whole thing. (not fast mind you but I did run, kind of like an old man)
And I finished!!! It was fun to see the kids at each of the transitions and end. They where such good cheerers. They were so good the whole time. Thank you to My husband for his support while training and at the race, to Mande for letting me use her Awesome cool bike, my mom and dad for coming and watching and Jen and Becca for inviting and encouraging me to do it. I plan on doing another race in May and this one again next year. Also next year Sherman and his brothers and sister and my sister are going to do it too. We may even have the three older boys do the kids race. I can't wait. If you want to join us do. It's a good race and well orginized. GOOD LUCK and START TRAINING.
Here are My Times-
1 Swim: 00:14:48.697
2 S2B Trans: 00:03:50.213
3 Bike: 01:04:15.310
4 B2R Trans: 00:01:44.28
5 Run: 00:48:34.120
Total Time: 02:13:12.578

Halloween Cookies

We got this Halloween cookie kit from Gramie. The boys bugged for about a week before we had time to do it.
As far as cookie kits go this one was great. The boys had a blast decorating and eating them.
The finished product, aren't they lovely... oh and scary says Nic.
Now if I can just get the seven Halloween costumes finished.

Lost Tooth

The tooth that has been hanging out of Matthew's mouth finally fell out and while we missed pictures of the first tooth he lost we figure taking pictures of the second will be close enough.

A Jack-o-lantern for Halloween and a nasty picture of the tooth thankfully blurred.

What a ham.