Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Bad Choice

We had to have a visit with our neighbor after a little problem with Nic and his Buddy. It seem as they where passing this red truck they were over come with the need to be naughty. While anxiously trying to talk one another out of being naughty they found the temptation to be to strong. This was the result.
Nic went first making this line.
His Buddy, not to be out done, went with the first letter of his name.
I guess he has never heard the saying about writing your name on things you shouldn't write on, it's always better to write someone elses name. Thankfully the owner decided to go with the cheap $65.00 repair instead of the $400.00 one.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pinewood Derby 2012

Matthew finishing up his car the night before the race.
Putting on the final details.

Tuffer's car all finished and the wheels lubed. I love the special paint job!
Matthew's car needed a little extra weight at weight in. The boys did such a nice job on their cars.
The Alexander boys did great again this year though not 1st place they still placed 3rd- Matthew and 5th-Tuffer. It always nice to give others a chance to be first. ;) I think everyone was happy for that, there sure was a loud roar from the crowd when Tuffer's car lost its first race. They're cars were still my favorite! And they get to the Distric Derby race on the 24th of March.

Just for the record Matthew's Car (with Sherman's help) beat Tuffer's Car (PopPop's help).
After some wheel adjustments to Tuffer's car they both went on to the District Derby where Tuffer WON! He gets to go on to the Regional Derby in a few weeks! NICE!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Process Begins

After many days of planning the boys are finally ready to have there pinewood derby cars cut out.

Tuffer is getting help from Pop pop.
Sherman is helping Matthew with his first pinewood derby car.

Now they can start the sanding!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Saying Goodbye

Thirteen years ago we brought you home, a tiny wiggle little puppy, our practice baby. You waited eagerly as we brought home our first human baby. You became his instant comforter, caretaker, guardian and friend. Keeping him out of trouble when he started to climb the fence. Tattling when he was doing something wrong.
As our family grew you were there to watch over each of them as well.
I miss those days when you were small but you never really lost the eager to please puppy that you were. You worked your way into every heart you met, have been with us forever, you will be missed. Your place in OUR heart can not be filled.
We love you Jake!