Saturday, November 20, 2010

Murder Mystery

For book club this month we dressed up for a murder mystery. I was Roger "Rog" B. S. Astrid who also turned out to be the murderer. It was so much fun! Such an absolute blast.
Here is everyone all dressed up:

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wild for Engineering

The older boys have been having a great time at the Math and Science Center with their engineering program. Each week they are challenged to make something new. This week they learned about bridges and then got to make their own.
They each had very different ideas.
When the bridge was complete they got to see how well it held up to the weight test. Tuffer's bridge held 28 metal disks.
Shermie's bridge held 22.
Well done boys. Glad you are learning new things and having fun too.

Cole Couture

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They are giving away a pettiskirt. Enter for your chance here:

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Daddy Kisses

Is there any wonder why she is Daddy's little...

A Weekend Away Just For Two

The Adagio
This weekend my sweet Honey took me to a B&B in Denver for some R&R without the kids (Thanks to our parents).
Having never been to a Bed and Breakfast it was kind of weird at first. But the house was so cool. It was built in 1880. It is really amazing how they built houses then. So much detail and craftsmanship. I would love to live in a house like this! I just couldn't believe how big it was. The whole time we were there I couldn't help thinking what it must have been like to live in it back then.
After we checked in we went to see the King Tut exhibit at the Denver Art Museum. I loved all the gold jewelry.Then we drove around for awhile looking for a place to eat. Scott and Jen gave us the suggestion to try the Texas de Brazil. It was a prefect choice! This place is amazing!! They have a buffet of salads, veggies, cheeses and bread and more. So we get that first then when we were back at the table, and ready, we turned over our green disks. Then It began. Before we knew it we were being swarmed by guys buzzing around the room with different meats (lamb ribs, pork tender loin, fillet minion, roasted chicken, prime rib, and more I can't think of). Sherman and I had a plate to share between us and it was hard to keep up. Way fun, and desert was so good (we picked some kind of chocolate deliciousness).
Sunday morning we had a real french toast breakfast with sausage at the B&B and got to meet the owner, Helen. She is a very sweet lady. Then we caught the 15 down to the 16th street mall. Spent some time walking up and down looking in the stores before catching another bus to the Bronco stadium. The pregame show was fun. They had guys drop in with parachutes and had a stealth bomber fly over. Having Becca and Travis there was fun too. It was nice to get to tease a Chiefs fan up close (thanks Travis for being such a good sport). The Broncos thrashed them. Good game.(didn't hurt they helped me beat my brother-in-law's fantasy football team either)
We stayed Sunday night and came back in the snow Monday morning. I got to make a stop in Silverthorne to hit the outlet stores and got a new coat(YEA, me!). We got back just in time to order pizza to feed the missionaries. Thank you so much Sweetie, for the fantastic weekend! I love you!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Canning and Sewing

I apparently didn't get enough sewing out of the Halloween costumes this year because I haven't been able to stop. I found some great material at my mother-in-laws house and then bought some as well. I've just been sewing up a storm and I'm not looking to stop too soon. I still have several more shirts, a bear and some repairs to do.
I took a break from sewing yesterday to help can the apples we got from Brother Luke. It was so nice of him to let us come pick his apples for free. We will enjoy them all winter long. We made applesauce, apple butter and apple pie filling.
Annalyn loved helping turn the crank and lick the spatula. Nic helped by turning the apple peeler, which is the coolest thing ever!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hunting (In Pictures)

This Guy...
Invited this Guy...
To go hunting last weekend. So after raiding his dad's hunting supplies then enlisting me to make enough chili "for four fat guys"and finding socks and blankets they went hunting here...
This is their Tent...
With a fireplace...
And plenty of space and food...
And comfy beds.
This is what they brought home...

Yep that's it. ZIP... SQUAT. But it was a good time I am told and my dreams of elk meat will have to wait until next time. I also heard they spotted a FIVE point elk and were planning to get it first thing in the morning but someone beat them to it. So is that like the "BIG ONE" that got away? Hmmm...
Better Luck Next Time Boys.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fall is Falling In My Yard

With the yard looking like a mass casualty leaf graveyard I got my slave labor out to clean up the carnage. What a hard worker.Wait a minute that doesn't look like work!
Hey stop that!
What are you doing?!
Now I have to start all over again....MOM!
Those Boys are NAUGHTY!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Not So Great

We recently had our camera crap out on us. So we have been using the cell phones. Sometimes the pictures are good but others, not so much. Not wanting to miss having "something" we make do. These are of the kids Trick-or-Treating.
I love my kids and seeing them together having fun is my joy!

And that's why we had to add them.