Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Baby Bird

How fun! A couple of finches took up residence in the bird house we have in our tree and it appears they made good use of it. This little guy is waiting for more food. My husband laughed at me as I tried to be sneaky to get these. It was not easy and the pictures are a little blurred but at least I got a couple.

Here's mom with the food.
The boys had a good time watching from the front window as the mommy bird flew back and forth. It wasn't very long before the baby left the nest. Now we will have to wait and see if they come back next year.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Baseball season is over, Hooray!! Since we haven't posted any pictures yet here they are.

Shermie's ready to smack the ball. When he hit it, it would be hard and fast and he had a hit or two every game. There team had a lot of wins and were a terrific group of kids.

Heads up in the outfield.

Ready, set, swing! He hit a line drive here.
Matthew had a great year. He was fun to watch with all his little antics the crowd loved him. His team and coaches were awesome. It really made for a good season.

It was fun, Glad it's done!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Bocker Bites

Rollie-Pollies are Nicholas' constant companions. His first mission of the day is to find a new victim. He is always seen with one clutched in his hand, crawling up his arm, or being unintentionally crushed between his fingers. It reminds me of the Looney Tunes cartoon where the giant say, "...and I will love him and pet him and hug him and I will call him George" all the while crushing daffy duck in his hand.
The other day while taking these pictures, I remembered the fate of another rollie-pollie. Bocker was walking around with a small box of raisins when he found his newest little friend running for cover under a rock. As always he was ecstatic to show us his latest subject. Sherman Peter and I where in the kitchen when pollie in one hand, raisins in the other, he said "Look, mom! My friend Rollie!" He balled the pollie up in the middle of his hand, with his fingers got a raisin out of the box and ate it. He continued to do this as he walked around with his "Friend". A short while later he came running back with concern that his new friend had gone missing. I looked at Sherman who, by the look on his face, was having the same thought as to the fate of the rollie-pollie. Oh, YUCK!
Well, I guess he got his protein that day!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Uncle Mikey!

Today is our Great-Uncle Mikey's birthday! Earlier this week we helped him celebrate it.

Matthew and Tuffer made dog tags for "Pin the Dog Tag on the Army Guy". While Shermie and Nicholas put the goodies in the Goodie Bags.

Then the boys wrapped up presents (or rather bagged up presents). All the kids enjoyed watching and "helping" Mikey open his gifts.

"Pin the Dog Tag on the Army Guy" was a big hit. Mikey, his friends, and the kids had a great time.
(I think Mikey was cheating, what a smart-alic :).

Here's the Cool-Dude Birthday Guy with Shermie. We love visiting with Mikey and the other guys in his house and they really enjoy the boys. They are always happy to see us and it teaches the boys compassion and acceptance of others differences to be with them, but mostly they love their Uncle Mikey and know what a special person he is.

What an AWESOME Uncle!! Happy Birthday!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oh, Joy!!!!


An Actual real life trailer for New Moon! Rapture!