Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween

After two straight weeks of sewing the costumes were finally finished! I think they turned out awesome. The kids were all characters from The Last Airbender movie/cartoon.
Shermie was Sokka.
Tuffer was a Dia Lee Agent.
Matthew was Prince Zuko.
Of course Nic was Aang.(Is it bad we shaved his head and used a Dry-erase marker on it...Naaah)
And Annalyn was Katara. ( I'm Sad she lost her necklace while out trick-or-treating)
Here are the two costumes I helped my sister with also. Ava cupcake with a cherry on top and "Star Wars guy with a shooter". Mande made the robe and we both made the cupcake. It turned out so stinking Cute!We had such a fun Halloween.
Friday the kids dressed up for their parties at school . Shermie was not having a good morning when he found out Nicholas threw his "Sokka boomerang" over the fence where the neighbor's dog ate it. Dad saved the day by making a quick trip to the store for a replacement sword. In the afternoon we went to the school to watch the parade. Saturday we took the kids to the costume contest at the furniture store. They won first place in the family division! The prize was a $50.00 gift certificate for lunch and a photo session with some photographer (not Kelli) so we don't know what we will do with that but it was still cool! Our favorite costume we saw was a Transformer. Very neat! He won first place in his division.
Saturday night we went to the ward party and enjoyed the chili cook off and trunker-treating. I made green pork chili which was so good but it didn't win. Sheman said it was because it was the wrong kind of chili. Whatever. Sunday night the kids went trick or treating with their dad. He said Annalyn was just loving the whole thing! Hey, who doesn't like free candy and tons of attention right! I stayed at home to hand out candy to the myriad of people that come to our neighborhood each year. This year was no exception. Because it was a school night we shut the lights off right at 8:00 and sent the kids to shower and get in bed. It was a full and wonderful weekend for sure. I'm pooped!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bird of Prey

The 2 Headed Condor

My bird is called the 2 Headed Condor. It lived in mid-evil times and it lived in a cave in a mountain so it makes it’s nest out of rocks and bones. The 2 Headed Condor usually makes a cave near a river so it can get water. The 2 Headed Condor is so filthy, after it eats it’s pray it takes the bones and puts them in it’s cave. It uses it’s mettle talons to pierce knight’s armor. When it attacks it’s pray it attacks strait on surprising it before it can react it stabs it with it’s super sharp beak and its dead. Then the right head tars it open and then the left head cooks it with a mighty fire ball and both get an equal share. It wouldn’t have gotten it’s meal if it wasn’t for the spikes on it’s wings. The spikes brake down air so the flight is silents.

Very Nice Job Shermie!

Monday, October 25, 2010

It's Raining It's Pouring

This morning we woke to the rain pounding the roof. It was coming down in sheets. We opened the window to take in the sound and the smell (I love the way it smells when it rains). Sherman and I were laying on the bed watching it pour when we looked over to find we weren't the only ones enjoying it.
Head hung half out the window I think she had the best view.
I love the fall weather.

Free Nic

Nic surprised us today by announcing that he could ride his bike without training wheels. Sherman and I looked at each other and followed him outside. Sure enough off he went.
I love this shot his Dad got as he went by. He was so proud of himself and so were we.
Not wanting to be left out, Annalyn hopped on a scooter to chase him down. Think she noticed Shermie helping?
Not catching up quickly enough she jumped on the tricycle (Notice she is not peddling just using her feet).
But it was to late he was a long way gone. Will we ever see him again?
Probable we live on a circle. Way to go Nicholas!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Broncos with Dad...

... And Grandma and Grandpa. This week it was Shermie and Annlyn's turn to go to a Broncos game.
They were both excited and having their grandparents there made it even better. Annalyn wore the cheerleader outfit,(purchased before she was born) and pig-tails that Aunt Jen put in. She was the star of the game. Sherman said everyone they passed couldn't help but to point and say how cute she was.
Shermie looked good sporting his Broncos hat and sweatshirt. He fit right in. They both were into the game and did a lot of cheering, yelling and foot stomping (Annalyn's favorite part).
The little cheese herself. Kiss, kiss!
She was very excited to get pizza and fries.
Shermie finally got the Giant Hamburger his is always wanting.Scott was working that fantastic Broncos card board. Some people will do anything for a free ticket (love you Scotty).
The other boys and I went to Gramie and Pop pop's to help put rocks back into their pond. They were great helpers. Later, they got to go to a movie for helping.
They had their primary program on Sunday. They all knew their part and did a wonderful job. Just another eventful weekend at the Alexanders.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Good Brothers

How lucky Boo is to have big brother's. This is just one example but you can tell she is loved! Matthew was so good watching her and pushing her on the swing while we waited for the other boys.
Here is another example. She plastered herself to Shermie and fell asleep.
Now that is a patient brother. I think he laid there for an hour not wanting to wake her up.
It makes me happy when they are so good to each other.

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Dentist and Lunch

This morning we skipped the bus for school and loaded everyone in the car to go to the dentist's office. That's right all five in one day. This works great for me because they usually have two to three back at a time. The others just sit and watch cartoons or play with the toys.
The boys were very excited to miss the bus until they found out why. Then they were apprehensive until I explained that it was just check up time. That brought back the excitement because they knew that meant a new bag of goodies, i e toothpaste, toothbrush, chap stick, sticker and a bouncy ball (oh the joy). It was Annalyn's first appointment and I have to say she did really well. She laid there and didn't try to get away. She wasn't real kin on their hands in her mouth but she took it like a champ. Everyone passed no cavities (thank goodness)!!

After the dentist I took the boys back to school (ah bummer) just in time for lunch. Because we hit it so perfectly I decided to let Nic and Boo eat with their brothers. The two of they thought they were hot stuff. Annalyn needs a little more practice with drinking form the carton. She keep getting it down her chin and neck. We started out with Matthew and before we were done...
...We had Tuffer. What a bonus! to bad neither of them could hold still long enough for the picture. Annalyn was getting plenty of attention form the table full of little girls behind us.
It was a good preview of next year for Nic.
He can't wait to eat lunch at school everyday. Ah, the simple things in life. School lunch...huh.

P.S.- Please do not worry, that's not dirt on his face and we do not beat this kid. It's just Nic. Here is the run down of the bruises: Face-plant on the way to his chair in class (right eye), walking into a pole (left eye), fall over the back of the seat in the car (above left eye), scratch on from brother(right check may scar, that kid we did beat). BOYS.

Friday, October 8, 2010

A Wild and Wacky Time

Today was the elementary school's fall carnival. The kids love to go, so we go but we only buy a limited amount of tickets and when they are gone so are we. That way Sherm and I don't go too crazy (with all the kid chasing and people crowding) while we are there. The most popular attraction for the kids is the cake walk. Shermie won and Annalyn would have if she had been playing right but what can you expect for a little cute girl.
The second favorite attraction is the karate short lessons. They give you a demo and then let you spin the wheel for a prize. Nicholas won a pizza party and Matthew won a family lesson and the other two won a chance to break a board. It will be a fun family home evening at the karate gym in the near future.

This year I help Shermie's class with their project for the silent auction. We made this clock with there hand prints and signatures. I really like how it turned out. It was a lot of fun to work with the kids. they did a great job. I think I will do this again for myself with my own kids.
Nicholas' class project was this candy bowl I won from the silent auction. Since I have one of Shermie projects all ready I bid on Nic's. He was so happy to see it when I brought it home.
Next year I will have to try for Matthew and Tuffer's.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Team Effort

The Triathlon went great! Ronda and I went the night before and stayed in a cabin. It was a cool little camp area. They had these Tee-pees out front of our cabin on top of which were sitting two giant owls. They were just hanging out waiting for it to get dark. It was cool and a little creepy, their eyes are intense.The morning of the race we dawned our sweet jerseys and head to the rec center. I was glad to be going first. In the water and swimming hard.

Then out and pass the timer to Lynett.
In no time she is back and passing it to Ronda. Go Ronda, Go, get up that hill.When she got back we were excited but wished we could have crossed the finish line. I guess next year we will do the whole thing as a team but individually. Better keep training.
Afterward we went to lunch and then spent some time with Lynett's sister Michelle. I hadn't seen her in forever so it was nice to get caught up. All in all it was a great experience. Thanks Team! We did Awesome!
Here are our times:

Swim plus Transition to Bike-00:15:31.380
Transition to Run-00:00:24.100
Final Time-02:01:22.1