Monday, June 27, 2011

Swimming in Cupcakes

Tuffer's swim team is having a Swim-a-thon next week as a way of raising money for their group. Not wanting to send him around asking for money we came up with a better idea. It doesn't hurt that he has a "SWEET" Aunt Dee. He enlisted her help to make and sell cupcakes to raise his money. To start he came up with his own compilation of flavors: Root beer(float), Red White and Blue Raspberry, Strawberry-Lemonade, and S'mores. He got recipes from her and we were off and running to the store.
Then (after I stayed up half the night baking) with Grandma and Dee's help he decorated a lot of cupcake!

After advertising on facebook and helping Gramie send out some as thank yous,,they were gone before dinner!
Let me Just Say they where DELICIOUS!!!! YUM!
I think he did a fantastic job and learned some good stuff while he was at it!
Way to go Tuffer! And THANK YOU, Dee, Grandma, and Gramie!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mexican Dinosaur

For my birthday Gramie and PopPop took us to the Dinosaur Museum to see the new T-Rex (some of us have been asking to see it for weeks). Annalyn was not crazy about the him.
 The kids had fun digging for bones and playing in the water.
 Getting "spit on".
 Earthquake simulator.
 Making foot prints.
 Afterward we went to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant! What better way to celebrate a birthday then with my favorite people!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Water On Main

On a hot summer day what do you do with 5 kids and there cousins that wont cost you an arm and a leg? Take the to the new water park on man street of course.

 It is the source of hours of fun without breaking the bank! In fact it was FREE!

Fun for everyone!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Girls Camp: A Dream Come True

Ever since I became to old to go to Girls Camp as a young woman or youth leader I have secretly hoped to be called to be an adult leader. Going to back to Girls Camp at Ragged Mountain has been my ambition. It has been many years waiting but with some joint plotting together, my friend Paula and I found a way! Paula was called to be assistant craft leader last year and, to my good fortune, craft leader this year meaning she needed an assistant. Who did she think of? WELL ME OF COURSE! Not because I am particularly craft  but because we share the same need for Girls Camp(and she loves me). After establishing the possibilities of child care for the week and securing the appropriate sitter(only the best! thanks to my mother-in-law) it was determined that I would definitely go and SO, IT WAS A DREAM COME TRUE!...

...Well maybe it did start out like more of a nightmare when we got a flat tire just after the gate going into camp. Said gate by the way is about 2 miles from actual camp, over very hilly terrain and it was getting late. (we couldn't get the jack to work right)
So enjoying the hike in and the help we received after getting there(in fixing the tire/retrieving the car) we started our week at Girls Camp.*said with longing sigh of relief*

Where else (except Alaska maybe) is it perfectly acceptable to throw a dead bear or coyote over your head and run around.
Where else are crazy skits the best source if entertainment...

...And a squirrel family is your neighbor?
 Where else can a member of the priesthood get acquainted with his Crafty side or snooze undisturbed? 

Hard working at times though it may seem,
Where else can you have leftover pie FOR BREAKFAST and be in good company!?

Where else can you find the best group of people to make new friends, stay up til past midnight laughing and talking with!?

Where else can you stink to high heavens and not be shunned?

Where else can you sing songs about Mentally Disturbed Llamas, toilets, and sharks out loud and not be thought unusual!?

And yet be able to feel the spirit so close you feel like your in the temple, all in one week...
...Well, I am here to tell you it is at GIRLS CAMP!!!!
(thanks Paula)
There maybe other places where those things can happen but NONE are as awesome as Girls Camp!
I am so glad I was able to go! I am thankful for my husband and mother-in-law for holding down the fort and making it a possibility for me. It was everything I remembered and hoped for, then more!
I can't wait til NEXT YEAR!
(Yes, Honey they want me back)