Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Boys, Rocks and Dirt

This weekend Sherman decided to take us on a picnic and hike. So after picking up some KFC and some camel backs for the boys and ourselves, we headed up to the Devil's Kitchen. We went in the middle of the day (the hottest part no less) but it was still fairly cool with the breeze that was blowing up through the canyon. Shermie held Bocker's hand as they walked, too cutie. Matthew and Tuffer thought it was fun to race most of the time and to look for lizards. We found a cool rock that had huge holes worn into it by the wind and water. We got all the boys up into it for a picture.

When we started out we weren't really sure how far we would be able to go with Nicholas walking himself. But after half an hour we reached the end of the trail and he had done great! There was plenty of shade to sit in and have our lunch. Also there was a small water hole that has a waterfall when it rains. The boys quickly entertained themselves with throwing rocks into the water. What is it with boys and rocks. They just can't leave them alone. They're dad taught them to skip them on the water. Shermie was pretty good at it.

Not wanting to pack a bunch, we had gotten finger foods for the picnic. Chicken strips, wings, corn on the cob, biscuits and a bag of frozen fruit. The fruit was the best because it was still cold and it was a nice cool treat. Nicholas had dirt with his meal because he insisted on having one of everything which he set on his camel back in the dirt. Tasty! Oh whats a little dirt hurt right.

The hike back seemed to take less time then going in but we could see that had it been any longer we would have been carrying Nic. As it was he held his own. The boys, including Sherman Peter, decided to race up the hill to the car. Daddy lost because he has weak ankles and twisted it. So the boys won. Luckily it didn't seem as bad as it had been on previous occasions. He'll live. It was a wonderful family activity which we plan to do more often. The boys love it.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back to School! So Soon?

...And away they go!

It got here to quick for me! I loved having them all home. Now the house feels a little lonely. Bocker is sure loving it though. He follows me around talking the whole time. Taking full advantage of the undivided attention. I think he too is going to miss them soon enough. To me our house never seems full enough.
The older boys are all very excited for the school year. Shermie was a little apprehensive until he saw that he knew a lot of the kids in his class. Tuffer is Tuffer and just went with the flow. Matthew acted like he's been going to kindergarten his whole life. He went like he owned the place but that's Matthew. He has a male teacher which I think is just perfect for him. He already thinks his teacher is the greatest because he made him laugh.

Shermie says his teacher is really nice. He is already looking forward to some of the things she has planned for them this year. Tuffer has the same teacher Shermie did in first grade and she is awesome. He will enjoy being in her class though Tuffer is easily please. They are smart Boys!

Nicholas thinks it's great to be mom's Big Helper at home. It did take some convincing though because there has always been someone else to do the little chores around the house i.e. picking up his own room and clothes, cleaning windows etc. He is taking it in stride, even if he has been a bit spoiled until now (and still is : ).

Monday, August 11, 2008

Last Days Of Summer Fun

I can't believe how quickly this summer has gone by. Three of the boys start school next week. Shermie will be in third grade, Tuffer in first, and Matthew is starting Kindergarten. Nicholas isn't going to know what to do with himself. This weekend we took the boys school clothes shopping. It was actually not as painful as I had anticipated, shopping with four boys. I'm glad Sherman Peter went too. It was very helpful and we did a good job staying in our budget which was an extra bonus. We did have to hurry though so Matthew could make it to his friend 's birthday party.

Matthew had a great time at his friend Ryan's party at Banana's Fun Park. They had pizza, pop and cupcakes. They played on the bump and jump, drove bumper boats, played video games and Laser tag! That was a lot of fun to watch!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Oh, MAMA MIA! Vampires!

Here' s to the best girls night ever!! This last Friday my sister Mande, Jennifer, Becca, their mom and her friend and I met at Chili's to start with appetizers before going to a movie. It was a good start. Yuummmmy artichoke dip!!!
Then we headed to the theater to see "MAMA, MIA!". It was full even though it's been out for a while. I can see now why it was. It was the best!!! I love ABBA and have not had so much fun in I can't remember how long. We were singing at the top of our lungs and laughing the whole time. It's just one of those movies. It's a good thing the theater was full mostly of women. I did feel sorry for the guys who were drag to it.
At the end of the movie there was an additional song "Waterloo", at which point Mande jumps up and starts dancing. Well, there was no way I would let her dance alone and besides that was the exact thought that I had. Everyone in the theater started shouting and clapping for us which made more people join us. Oh so much fun!!!!
We then went to IHOP for dinner and to wait for the main event, (though I would say that that was the movie). Most of the time was spent making jokes and laughing. It was great to have adult conversation for a change.
Afterward, we met Amy at Barns and Noble for the much anticipated book release of "Breaking Dawn" the four book in the Twilight series. It was a "Vampire Prom Theme" and while the average age in the room was probable about 15 it was still fun (which included the young women for my ward). We registered for door prizes and got our ticket to get the book. Then we filled in the questions on a book trivia paper and got temporary tattoos. Jennifer won a door prize of a free copy and to be the first in line to get it. Lucky Jennifer, yes I was jealous and was not alone. We were out until 1:00 in the morning and I bet that most of us were up later than that reading!!!
Thanks, you gals that was AWESOME!!!!! See ya on December 12th, if not sooner, for the opening of "Twilight", the first movie from the book series.