Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Totally Awesome, Blue Angels!!

For Tuffer's Birthday, he decided he wanted to see the Air Show. Boy, was that the great idea! We got there at 9:00 that gave us 2hrs. to stake out our spot, look at all the cool displays, meet the military guys, see and play in the helicopters and have some lunch. We met my brother there with Sheali and it was nice to have them with us.
The Marines had a "pull up" booth where you could see how many you could do. Of course they all had to try it. The goofys.
The helicopters were very neat to look at. The boys loved to be able to climb all through them. Matthew and Nic especially liked the buttons (which all had to be pushed) and the "shoot" button on the control stick. When he got into the cockpit the first thing Nic did was to grab the control and start shooting! Those terrorists better watch out, they are in for it! (everyone is)

The airshow started with paratroopers. It was cool how they could land exactly on target. You won't catch me jumping out of a plane!! Then they had several different planes and acts throughout the day. There was a truck that had jet engines on it and blew fire. It raced the airplanes and jets from the ground. That thing was so incredible fast and the boys loved the fire(go figure). We had a good spot to watch but we didn't think to bring chairs, so all we had was a blanket on the ground. It worked because you stood most of the time anyway. The kids where close enough to the front that they went and stood in front of the gate. They got to shake hands with some of the pilots.

We ran into some people that didn't like children and to them I say, " If you don't like children don't go to where there are children." The kids were all being really good and weren't even in front of them and they made Sheali cry. Not nice. But the guy who was next to us with his kids went up and let those people have it. Several other people did the same. Then they didn't seem to mind the kids so much. Oh well, what do you do.

The best of course was the Blue Angels! Those guys are just Awesome!!! It was Incredible! I could not believe all the stuff they could do and they were so loud.

Here are some Tips if you plan to go in the future:

1. Sun screen and hat are a must

2. Bring a chair and sealed water

3. Have cash

4. Get there early and plant your chair right in front of the gate

5. Umbrellas for shade aren't a bad idea, it can get hot.

6. Use the shuttle bus (save time and money)

And last but not least be nice to the kids.

Also if you're really smart you will load up your pick up with everything you need and head out to the desert behind the airport. But you have to get there off of 25 road. That way it's free!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Fishing with Gramie and Pop pop '08

Here are some of the pictures of the boys fishing with Gramie and Pop pop. They each got to go with them one at a time for camping and fishing. The boys really look forward to it and enjoy it lot! In fact some try to get to go twice (Matthew).

Mostly it's just catch and release because none of us are big on eating fish with some exceptions (Tuffer). Most of us do like salmon and halibut but not other fish.

Tuffer brought these home for us to eat. (yuck!) Luckily we happened to be having salmon that night so it impersonated Tuffer's trout and everyone was happy.

The one rule is you have to be four years old to go with them overnight, much to Nicholas' disappointment. He will be old enough next year and he will get to go on a day fishing trip this year.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Rockies, Broncos and Broken Glass

Happy Birthday Sherman Peter! For his birthday we went to Denver to attend a Rockies game and visit with Scott and Jen. We went over Friday afternoon and went to the Rockies vs. Dodgers game that night (rockies lost). With us were Scott, Jen, Savannah and Sydney, Susan and Steve and Stevie. Despite the forecast for rain, it did not and we had a great time!!!

The boys were really good! Even though the people in front of us were not impressed. They left the game in the 3rd inning. If you don't like kids don't go to a ball park, the chances are good there will be kids there.

Thanks, Susan and Steve for the tickets!

Saturday the Big Boys went golfing. Then the Girls went to lunch without the kids. It was nice to spend time together without being hung on. The boys and I headed home then and Sherman stayed for another Rockies game and a Broncos game. He should feel a little spoiled by now but he's worth it and deserves it for all his hard work. He'll be home today.

While Sherman was not home, last night, we had a big scare. Thankfully no one was hurt. We had all just gotten in bed. There was a huge banging, crashing and glass breaking noise. It was so loud I thought someone had fallen through the roof or crashed into the house. Upon investigation this is what I found, besides wide-eyed boys.

This is the mirror that had been on the wall in the boys' bathroom. Without any warning sign or explanation it just fell off and shattered into pieces, which covered the bathroom and all the way out into the hallway. Thank goodness the boys had not been in there when it happened! Even the broken pieces were heavy. I still can't find any reason for it falling, very weird. All though it did not have any additional support to keep it on the wall, like those little mounting brackets that you may sometimes see. I will be checking the other mirrors in the house and putting brackets on them. You may want to too. This could have been very bad. You would not believe how heavy they are.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Monkeys at the Park

Here is some pictures of the fun we had at the park.

This video is of Tuffer's signature move:

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remember 9/11

Let's not forget, we did not start this fight but lets make sure we finish it.
Thank You to the troops that make it possible for us to be safe.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Surprise! Number Five!

Yes, we are expecting our fifth child! Due May 18th 2009. Thank goodness for winter pregnancy! I think we are both in a little bit of shock but very excited!!! We will tell the boys tonight when every one is at home.

I found out this morning, much to my surprise, and was a little unsure how to break the news to Sherman. I had seen these pregnancy tickers on other blog pages and decided to find one for ours. After I had it in place I called him at work and said that I had put a new feature on the blog that I wanted him to look at and tell me what he thought. He pulled it up and said "What's this?" I said "what does it look like?" In his head he was trying to figure out who in the family might be pregnant. Then he tried to justify how it might be someone else and why they would be on our page. After coming to the conclusion that this was "OUR" family blog he asked "Are YOU pregnant?" And yes I am. This page was then forwarded to the rest of the family to see if they spotted the ticker quicker.

Of course we are all excited and ask for your prayer that all goes well. We will keep you posted.
We have girl names but no boy names since we have already used up eight good boy names (2 for each). Have any suggestions?